Silas Kinoti’s Leadership in KURA Leads to 90% Achievement of Objectives


Engineer Silas Kinoti’s name is synonymous with the construction of roads in major towns in Kenya, and he has been instrumental in achieving about 90 percent of the objectives set by the Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA).

Kinoti is a well-known figure in the road sector and towns across Kenya. With a wealth of experience in road construction and management, he holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration (Corporate Management) and a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering.

One of Kinoti’s notable achievements is his partnership with county governments to improve roads in towns, which has led to improved mobility. Players in the road sector recognize him as a guru in road construction, as he has changed the narrative in engineering. As a distinguished member of the Institution of Engineers (IEK) for the past 20 years, Kinoti has made significant contributions to the field.

Under Kinoti’s leadership, the era of potholes in urban areas has become a thing of the past, and the frequency of motorists needing to buy suspensions due to road conditions has reduced significantly. His previous position as the General Manager of Planning and Environment in KURA allowed him to introduce reforms and a strategic plan before rising to the position of Director General.

Kinoti is an integral part of the infrastructural development network being witnessed in major towns across Kenya. His main objectives include rehabilitating and upgrading roads in slums and towns to ensure accessibility throughout the country. During heavy downpours this year, Kinoti’s efficiency and perfection were evident, as no floods or road damage were reported in towns, thanks to his personal inspection of roads under his authority.

Engineer Kinoti can be considered a guru in road construction, having constructed over 1000 kilometers of roads since his appointment and when he served as an assistant Director General in KURA. He has been diligently recarpeting roads that were previously neglected and in a dilapidated condition. Residents in areas such as Mukuru slums, Githurai, Kangemi, Mwiki, Dandora Utawala, Mihang’o, Kibra, and Mathare have hailed the road construction efforts.

The completion of the Ngong Road – Lang’ata link Road has greatly eased traffic congestion in Karen, Ngong, Kibra, and the city center in general. Currently, the marking of roads and installation of road signs are ongoing, which has received praise from city motorists. Thanks to the construction of this road, it now takes less than five minutes to drive from Lang’ata Road to Ngong Road at Prestige Plaza.

Under Kinoti’s leadership, KURA has intensified infrastructural development in major towns, aiming to decongest urban areas and improve socio-economic activities, including industrial services. Kinoti has achieved the construction of 172 kilometers of new roads, the rehabilitation of 167.7 kilometers, the provision of 36 bridges and interchanges, the construction of 288 kilometers of pedestrian walkways, and the maintenance of 431.9 kilometers, including routine and periodic maintenance.

Considering his remarkable achievements, Engineer Silas Kinoti deserves recognition not only locally but also internationally, including the Nobel Prize award.

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