Stop Hounding my Family Members, Mututho Tells Cops


Former NACADA boss Hon. John Mututho has come out gun blazing accusing cops of harassing his family members. 

Mututho says that detectives from Kilimani Police and Muthangari police station have been arresting some of his children who are innocent on matters that are Basically commercial disputes. 

He was speaking to the star newspaper on Saturday by stating that it is sad that because of his stance in the fight against alcohol and drugs, his sons are paying through police harassment. 

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” My family members just like their father are good people, they have never tasted alcohol or these hard drugs. They are into honest business which now has turned into harassment” said the former Nacada boss.

 Adding that with heavy local and international repute and a dependable crusader against Drugs and Alcohol abuse Crusader

He added that some prominent politicians and public officers are behind drug trafficking menace and increased alcoholism in Mount Kenya region which include the dreaded Zombie Drugs and Technical Ethanol.

Mututho said he will fight to the tooth against newly created technical ethanol which is responsible for multiple deaths in Mount Kenya and the  zombie drug that is prevalent in Nakuru and coast especially Malindi.

“The import of this drugs is by prominent people”, he said.

The DCI officers  who are protecting people from suspicious Pakistan Nationals in international  and local Illicit Drugs circuits are well known by Authorities and who masquerade as car Dealers.

He accused the DCI of protecting some  people from Pakistan who masquarede as car dealers that are behind his children tribulations. But Generally are revenge by strong opposition to Hard Drug dealers

I am now ready and able to defend my family members…be warned, he said.

” I defeated the drug cartels and brought down their empire during my tenure, they are now on  revenge  mission , ” he added.

He specifically told off cops from Kilimani police and Muthangari station for what he termed as using commercial  cases to harass his children…NPS  are aware.

“Let commercial cases go to the commercial Courts…. stop using them to harass my family members and fighting my children’s businesses in guise of shallow law and order illegalities”, he added.

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