Tension in Bamburi Over Illegal Barrier on Disputed 917 Acre Land


Plans to erect an illegal barrier has caused tension which has led to a protest in Bamburi ward in Kisanui  constituency.

Angry residents from Kashani and Maunguja villages are up in arms against an illegal barrier aimed at collecting illegal taxes from trucks transporting construction materials.

One of  the local residents Grace Mghanga told the media she was born and brought up in the area which is her ancestral land.

She added the residents were shocked when they saw a group of strangers erecting a barrier without a notice.

“There is a sinister motive behind the erection of the barrier in the area which is against the wishes of the locals,” she pointed out.

Grace said the barrier is intended to block the residents from accessing the area but through illegal taxation.

She was addressing the media during a demonstration at Kashani location in Kisauni constituency, Mombasa county.

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The protesters carrying tree twigs and placards demanded a government explanation over the imposed illegal taxation in the area through the erection of the barrier.

Angry residents carrying tree twigs and placards protest against the erection of an illegal barrier on a 917 acre parcel of land to tax trucks carrying construction materials at Kashani location in Kisauni constituency, Mombasa county.

One of the angry residents said the purported Gikuyu, Embu, Meru Association (GEMA) claims ownership of the land without supporting documents.

Grace insisted the parcel of land is their ancestral land with their family graveyard and that what they are doing is against the Kenya Kwanza administration and policy.

She appealed to the government to expedite the process of issuance of title deeds to bring the ownership dispute to rest.

“We want to live in peace and harmony like other taxpayers countrywide,” she pointed out.

On his part, Gandini, Maunguja and Kashani [Gakama] community chairperson Gabriel Talior Mavuo confirmed the ownership dispute is pending before the National Land Commission.

The local member of county assembly [MCA] for Bamburi ward Patrick Mbelle told the media he received a distress call on the material day over strangers who were erecting an illegal barrier at Kashani area to commence collection of levy.

He told the media the local residents are owners of the parcel of land and warned that nobody has a right to collect revenue in the area.

“There is no private citizen that has a mandate to collect tax on behalf of the government,”  he pointed out .

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