Wanjiku Muhia: The True Leader Who is The Voice of the Voiceless


Many know her as Kipipiri Member of Parliament (MP) where she is serving after her previous representation at East Africa Legislative Assembly (EALA).

Wanjiku is one leader who takes her legislative and representation duties diligently, with zeal and courage.

She has been a champion of the Voiceless especially the differently abled who include persons living with disabilities, including intellectual disabilities.

Wanjiku is the architect of different pieces of legislation centrally designed to dignify the PwDs. For instance, she is celebrated for midwiving the implementation of the law for persons with disabilities. The law stipulates that all TV stations must provide a sign language interpreter for the news and other necessary programmes geared towards including the persons with hearing impairment.

She is also piecing together another law that of passed by Parliament will reinforce the dignity of persons with disabilities.

“This will spur their inclusion in various aspects. For example when they are going out to look for employment, their cover letter should act as a document to propel them towards such opportunities. The law seeks to omit degrading words like “mentally disabled” from identification documents of PwDs because such might trigger contempt.”

Hon Wanjiku on Monday Joined students at Kenya Community Centre for Learning (KCCL) in creating awareness and the need for inclusivity.

She also congratulated a team that represented Kenya at the Berlin special Olympics and said that she is very committed to bring the plight of the institutionz that handle children with disabilities.

“The few facilities that exist are either underfunded or reliant on well-wishers or donors. Like this Kenya community Centre for learning is parent owned and lacks government funding to be able to run day to day activities. If anchored in law, these institutions will be fully capacitated in a bid to enhance them with facilitation to better handle pwds,”

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