Apex ruling on gay rights is a shocker-committee


Parliamentary Committee on Sports and Culture has learnt with utter shock and dismay the ruling issued by the supreme court.

A committee member Jackson Kosgei said  they were shocked to learn the apex court has reaffirmed the right of the gays and  lesbian association to register as a non-governmental organization against Homa bay lawmaker Peter Kaluma’s bid to stop the association.  

He said as the committee mandated to oversee matters related to culture it condemns in the strongest terms the supreme court’s decision to dismiss Kaluma’s bid to overturn an earlier court decision to allow the registration of the “lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer.”[LGBTQ] through the Registrar of Societies as an association.

‘The decision by the apex court to allow the registration of the association promotes unnatural acts,’ he added.

Kosgei lashed out at the court decision arguing it will lead to the degeneration of the cultural heritage.

He was reading a press statement on behalf of the committee reacting to the apex judges’ decision under justices Philomena Mwilu, Mohamed  Ibrahim, Smoking Wanjala, Njoki Ndungu and William Ouko to dismiss Kaluma during a media briefing held at PrideInn Flamingo beach hotel in Nyali Constituency, Mombasa county.

The committee members said in the statement the preamble to the constitution acknowledges the supremacy of the Almighty God of all creation.

Kosgei, who is nominated legislator, said the Holy Bible states that you shall not lie with a male counterpart as with a woman which is described as an abomination.

He pointed out that the constitution recognizes culture as the foundation of the nation.

‘The supreme court should not bow to pressure from external forces,’ he pointed out.

The committee member added the legalization of LGBTQ movement is a foreign aspect being welcomed into the country and within the territories.

Kosgei has called on Kenyans, all religious leaders and all institutions to take up their rightful duty to defend and uphold  the constitution and the supreme law of the land.

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