Pray Amid Tough Economic Times, ‘Bariki Kenya’ Hitmaker Samuel Sane Tell Kenyans


By Shadrack Nyakoe

Bariki Kenya Music Artist Samuel Sane has called on Kenyans to pray for the nation amid the tough economic times ravaging people.

Speaking to our team, Samuel says he has been in the music industry for the past two decades and has recorded over seventy (70) gospel songs and still composing.

“It’s tough for Kenyans with the high cost of living but it’s time to pray for the government and leaders. It’s only God who can heal our nation,” stated Sane.

Samuel’s music journey started when he was young, his mother taught him to sing hymns and praises.

He then developed the desire to learn, sing and listen to music.

“I used to sing back in high school, in church I organised concerts and that’s how my passion for music grew. I’m out of the country for treatment and once back I will be working on my new song,” Samuel told this publication.

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Samuel Sane has traveled throughout the country through Music and has always transformed the remote villages he has visited.

“This traveling has made me identify communities and villages left behind development wise such as electricity connectivity and other essential services. I lobby projects with the respective ministry of Energy which has been cooperative and successful benefitting many in the society,” he said.

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