Cheers as Femme Combat Fest 2024 is Launched


By Fred Maingi

It was joy and wild celebration as Femme Combat fest was launched amid thunderous cheers at a Nairobi Hotel.

The initiative is dedicated to showcase the incredible talent, strength, and resilience of female athletes in various combat disciplines.

Speaking during the launch which was meant to celebrate women in martial arts sport, Dr. Catherine Kibuchi who is the founder of the Femme Combat Fest said the future looks bright and called upon members of the public to support the sport.

Flanked by her co-founder Lorna Abiero and other supporting staffs, Dr Kibuchi added,

“As we strive to promote gender equality, empowerment and the fight against femicide, Dr. Kibuchi said this event serves as a platform to amplify the voices of women in martial arts, sports and drive positive social changes”.

During a panel discussion on gender equality, empowerment and the role of martial arts in the society held at the Melili Hotel Rooftop in Nairobi’s south B, there was more fun and excitement in form of Taekwondo demonstration and exhibition by female Athletes.

A smiling Dr Kibuchi said her aim was to empower women and above all, support the youth by nurturing care and holistic development opportunities, to be resilient to meet challenges crucial to their healthy development and for improved economic outcomes.

She added, ”

We are excited to begin our journey to work along with other partners, we are mainly focused on financial inclusion, mental wellness and female health which includes ending menstrual shame as well as appreciating women who are mothers in martial arts, which is going to be our mother’s day special

. ”

Those interested to register either as individuals or as groups can visit the group website or call 0726548495 or 0702 556 424

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