Heads of state corporations challenged to effect meaningful change  


By Tobby Otum

The government is on a noble campaign of revitalization and re- energization of RAAs within state corporations.

Private cabinet secretary Musalia Mudavadi said he has undertaken his expanded mandate to designate an officer to work with RAAs on best global practices that will enhance visibility and ensure optimal performance.

He added that this will lead to stellar service delivery to the people of the republic urging them to harness the collective wisdom.

My office and that of Public Service under Felix K. Koskei have resolved to highlight and give prominence to the noble campaign,” he pointed out.

Mudavadi outlined some of the recommendations to address the issue at hand on enhanced coordination.

He was speaking during the opening of the interactive and consultative conference to assess the status of ongoing campaign trevitalize and reenergize regulatory authorities and agencies [RAAs] against the background of emerging issues held at the Kenya School of Government in Mvita constituency, Mombasa county.

The Private cabinet secretary remindethe participants it is imperative for the regulators to take a proactive stance in recognizing emerging trends and promptly addressing them to safeguard the well being of lives of the citizens.

Mudavadi asked the forum that engaging in investing in capacity building on regulatory personnel is paramount.

He insisted on regulatory reform saying RAAs ought to embrace regulatory reform initiatives to streamline process and reduce regulatory burdens and promote efficiency.

I wish to express my sincere appreciation to the Head of the Public Service for taking the lead in streamlining RAAs,” he said.

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