KRA Taps Drama Festivals for Tax Education in Embu


The Kenya National Drama and Film Festival (KNDFF) has officially kicked off in Embu, with schools from across the nation showcasing talents segmented into various themes, including tax literacy.


This marks the first time the festival is being held in Embu County, bringing together participating schools and colleges from all 47 counties in the country.


Now in its 62nd Edition, this year’s festival is themed “Unlocking Opportunities for Socio-Economic Transformation Through Drama and Film.”


The festival is not only a celebration of creativity but also a platform to promote important socio-economic topics.


The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) has collaborated with the Kenya National Drama and Film Festival (KNDFF) Steering Committee to bolster tax literacy among students and the public through the creative arts.


Tax literacy being a fundamental pillar in advancing the socio-economic development agenda, the partnership aims to enlighten the public on the significance of tax compliance and how tax revenue supports the development of our nation through the presentations.


“Tax literacy is key to our nation’s growth, and we are excited to collaborate with the KNDFF to educate and empower the youth and the public through creative arts,” said Grace Wandera, Deputy Commissioner Marketing and Communication, Kenya Revenue Authority.




This initiative highlights the importance of every citizen’s contribution to the nation’s development through tax compliance.


“The Kenya National Drama and Film Festival provides a vital platform for showcasing and celebrating our creativity, social innovation, and the incredible potential of our children and youth. It is a testament to our nation’s dedication to promoting the transformative impact of the arts on the minds of our learners at all levels of our educational institutions.” Said representative from KNDFF


The festival not only encourages artistic expression but also serves as a forum for discussions on important societal issues.


It is a reflection of Kenya’scommitment to harnessing the power of the arts for positive change and development.

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