Mombasa County Seeking Gov’t Help in Stadium Completion


Mombasa county government has resolved to weigh one of three options for the completion of the dilapidate Mombasa stadium facility.

Mombasa governor Abdulswamad Shariff Nassir described the sports facility as major project which has stalled due to lack of funds.

He insisted lack of funding was the biggest issue in the completion of the facility.

“The county government has not received any bills to pay or a penalty or any interest,” he pointed out.

Abdulswamad disclosed the county government is currently in a discussion with the national government to assist in the completion of the facility.

He was addressing the media after taking the Senate county public accounts committee under chairperson of Moses Otieno Kajwang on an inspection tour of the defunct Mombasa Municipal Stadium in Mvita constituency which is under renovation.

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The governor told the media that there are three options the county government will consider in the completion of the sports facility if the national government will come in to ensure it sails through.

Abdulswamad said the second option is the county to come in and do the work in phases but the pace will be slow before the facility is completed.

he facelift of the defunct Mombasa Municipal Stadium which is under renovation in Mvita constituency, Mombasa county.   

He added the third option is for the facility to be completed through private partnership where someone who invests in the facility will share revenue received from the facility

“We require Sh 1.3 billion for the completion of the stalled sports facility against Sh 80 million,” he pointed out.         

Mombasa Senator Mohamed Faki said he is optimistic the facility will be completed and there is no fear that it is a white elephant.

He told journalists there is an urgent need for the completion of the facility to attract international teams and tournaments.

“The completion of the facility will be a boost to the county’s economy and revenue collection,” he pointed out.

The county senator assured the governor of his support for the successful completion of the sports facility.

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