Naivas Resort to 24-Hour Operations for Its Airport View Branch


Naivas has announced the 24-hour operationalisation of one of its branches along Mombasa Road.

From Monday 22nd April, Naivas Airport View will be open around the clock, 7 days a week catering to the diverse schedules and needs of our valued patrons.

Airport view becomes the 6th 24hour outlet for the retailer with the rest being Naivas Westlands, Development house and Moi Avenue in Nairobi CBD, Mwembe Tayari and Naivas Bamburi in Mombasa.

Naivas is committed to providing unparalleled accessibility and service as it recognizes the evolving lifestyles and schedules of the communities they operate in. Whether it’s an early morning coffee run, a late- night snack craving, an impromptu shopping need at odd hours or simply prefer night time shopping our doors will always be open to welcome you.

“This new development guarantees uninterrupted shopping as you get to shop at your own convenience be it day or night with our full range of products available at all hours. Freshness of products is guaranteed, and you get to enjoy the freshest produce, bakery items and snacks whenever you visit, as we continuously restock throughout the day and night. Over and above our product offerings we have a dedicated team who are ready to assist you, answer your questions and ensure your shopping experience is smooth, no matter the hour,” said Peter Mukuha, Chief of Operations.

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“At Naivas we understand that life does not always adhere to a 9-to-5 schedule. With our new 24- hour operations we aim to be there for our customers whenever they need us,” said Andreas Von Paleske, Chief of Strategy Naivas.

“Whether its grabbing essentials before dawn, satisfying a curiosity through late-night windowshopping, or just enjoying the convenience of shopping on your own time, we are here to serve.”

Naivas invites everyone to experience the ease and flexibility of shopping at our 24-hour branches

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