Omdia Recognises Samsung’s 15-Year Leadership Streak in Digital Signage


Samsung Electronics cutting-edge display technology, has secured its position as the number one global signage manufacturer.

For an impressive fifteenth consecutive year, market research firm Omdia has recognised Samsung for its unwavering leadership in the dynamic field of digital signage.

Samsung Electronics made a significant impact on the global signage industry in 2023 by capturing 33% of the market share.

The company broke its record by selling over 2 million units, highlighting Samsung’s dedication to innovation, flexibility, and customer-focused solutions.

“Achieving first place in the global display signage market for 15 consecutive years reflects our commitment to innovation and our ability to adapt to evolving market conditions and the needs of our customers. We will continue to provide the highest value by offering specialised devices, solutions, and services”, said Sam Odhiambo, Head of Department, Consumer Electronics, Samsung Electronics East Africa Ltd.

The global display signage industry is expected to grow 8% annually, with a projected market size of $24.6 billion (KES 3.198 trillion) by 2027, up from $14 billion (KES 1.813 trillion) in 2020.

While Kenya is yet to fully embrace 3D high-quality screens like The Wall All-in-One and The Wall for Virtual Production at Atlantis, The Royal in Dubai and Hilton Waikiki Beach in Hawaii, the potential for growth in the digital advertising sector is immense.

With its vibrant economy and burgeoning tech scene, Kenya stands poised to capitalise on this trend.

Quality screens play a pivotal role in driving revenue through effective digital advertising. In Kenya, businesses that invest in high-quality signage can expect substantial returns. The ability to capture attention, convey brand messages, and engage audiences directly impacts sales and brand visibility.

Continuous research and development has marked Samsung’s journey in developing cutting-edge signage screens. Key milestones include:

  • The Wall: The world’s first modular display with micro LED technology, allowing customisation of size, ratio, and shape based on preference and use case.
  • Smart Signage: Ultra-slim profiles and uniform bezel design for immersive experiences.
  • Outdoor Signage: Tailored for sports, landmarks, and electric vehicle charging stations, designed for clear visibility in any weather.
  • Samsung Interactive Display: Optimized for education, empowering educators and students with interactive tools.


Samsung’s recent introduction of the Samsung Visual eXperience Transformation (VXT) platform further demonstrates our dedication to display innovation.

Industry experts have hailed Samsung’s transparent Micro LED display as the next generation of commercial display, earning accolades such as “Most Mind-Blowing LED” and “Best Transparent Display” from North American AV news outlet rAVe.

As Kenya looks to the future of digital advertising, Samsung remains at the forefront, driving excellence and shaping the landscape of visual communication.

The journey continues, and Samsung’s commitment to quality screens ensures that it remains the preferred choice for businesses seeking impactful digital signage solutions.

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