The  Finance Bill 2024 is worse than last  year’s Finance Act – Raila

Azimio Coalition leader  Raila Odinga has sent a passionate appeal to legislators to ensure they reject  the proposed Finance Bill 2024 which is currently at  public participation stage.
He urged them to ensure they do whatever it takes to reject the controversial proposed Finance Bill 2024 when it is tabled at the floor for debate.
“As things stand now the Finance Bill 2024 is worse than the Finance Act 2023 and if it is enacted it will be a burden to Kenyans,” he said.
Raila added the tax burden in Kenya is at the highest level since independence but public services remain on their knees.
He said this through a statement issued to media houses through his secretariat office at Capitol Hill Square in Nairobi.
The Azimio Coalition leader said in his statement that the  proposed Finance Bill 2024 fails the taxation dictums of predictability.
Raila added  the Bill also fails simplicity and equity in administrative ease including fairness.
He stated in his two-page statement to the media that the Bill is a regressive taxation proposal that goes ruthlessly after the poor.
“The bread which is a basic commodity is the only item for breakfast for the poor yet it is set to be taxed at 16 per cent from  zero status,” he emphasized.
The Azimio Coalition leader pointed out the cost of Mpesa transaction  is set to go up from last year’s 15 per cent to 20 per cent.

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