Tough bail terms the state is using to silence Sonko and supporters


Sonko was charged with 13 others in the anti-corruption case number 32 of 2019.

Ex- Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko is a man known for his ability to attract large crowds from his supporters. Ordinarily,one would expect to have at least seen quite a good number of demonstrations form his support base protesting in support of the man who has stood with them in times of need.

However, The Times understands that through his lawyers, the governor who had predicted his fate has made it clear to his supporters to keep lest they get into laid traps to land him in more trouble.

His lawyers have communicated to him the bail term conditions given to him by Chief Magistrate Douglas Ogoti in the 2019 Anti-Corruption case against him by the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions.

Sonko was charged with 13 others in the anti-corruption case number 32 of 2019.

They were all released on bail terms with the former governor having to part with Sh, 15million.

But in his ruling,the chief magistrate barred Sonko from mobilising supporters to  cause any form of disruption in any other known legal case or disruption of peace in whatever form.

“Accused 1 is hereby required to ensure that his supporters do not cause disruption in any known legal process or disrupt peace in whatever for,” reads part of the 2019 ruling.

The Chief Magistrate warned that any violation will lead to cancellation of the bail terms and the accused will have to operate in police remand.

“After having considered all the material placed before me, I am of the considered opinion that all accused are hereby admitted to bail terms.This bail terms must be adhered to the letter.Any violation shall lead to cancellation of the bail term,”

Theprosecution had argued that some weeks before his arrest, Sonko led supporters to the EACC  who caused disruption.

The Times understands that the governor has throuclose friends and family urged any of his supporters to beware of the 2019 bail term conditions  and thus stay away or avoid being used in demonstrations of any kind to set him up.

” He is aware of all these issues and it is in his interests that he is left to deal with his battles which he is optimistic he will overcome,” a close friend to the governor confided to The Times.

The governor will have to spend more days in the hospital after  a court on Tuesday ordered that he be confined to bed until his condition improves.

He also got a sigh of relief after the court also barred from questioning him until he gets well.

Kahawa West Chief Magistrate Diana Mochache ordered that Sonko be taken back to the Nairobi Hospital after she was convinced that the former governor needs more time to heal.

Hiscase will now be heard on February 26 meaning that he will continue to be guarded at the hospital by the anti-terror police.

Sonko had been admitted on February 8 after complaining of stomach complications and what officials called massive blood pressure while at the Gigiri police cells.

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