Wangeci: Review The Taxing Regime for Industrialists


By John Kariuki

Budding industrialists have pleaded with the government to lower some punitive taxes which are pushing them to the brink.

Ms Judy Wangeci is the Founder, Director and Chief Executive Officer of Classic Steel East Africa. Classic steel is based in Nairobi and is one of the leading companies in stainless steel fabrication. The company deals in commercial kitchen equipment, commercial refrigeration, bakery, butchery, and dairy equipment. CSE has also ventured into stainless steel cladding, balcony railings, and stainless-steel staircases.

However, Ms Wangeci lamented the heavy taxation and urged the government to do something about it

“We are urging the Government of Dr William Ruto to address the issue of Taxes which have seen most startups either stagnate or retrogress. The cost of importing raw materials has equally skyrocketed fuelled by the rising inflation.”

Ms Wangeci now intends to expand her business beyond boundaries but her greatest goal is to set up a local steel manufacturing plant.

“At the moment we import the raw materials which we then use to fabricate customized items. This is costly but with a local industry that can manufacture the raw materials, the industry can breathe a sigh of relief.”

Caption: Ms Judy Wangeci Kamau Founder and CEO of Classic Steel East Africa Ltd.

The proud mother of one says she doesn’t shy off from the fact that she ventured in a male dominated industry.

“I’m driven by ethics and I am also a strong prayer warrior. Wading through the industry isn’t a walk in the park because you get to meet people with different attitudes and prejudices.”

Ms Wangeci gains her greatest satisfaction seeing herself move from one level of progress to another. She quit her job as an employee in 2019 to establish her own company in 2020.

Like the Biblical Isaac who planted and reaped in the dry season, Ms Wangeci nurtured her business through the turbulent era of COVID 19 which saw many businesses go on their knees.

“Focus and determination has been the secret of success. It’s true I spent sleepless nights when establishing my business from scratch. Challenges notwithstanding, I found the breakthrough after handling a mega maiden project which propelled me to widen my scope.”

Ms Wangeci concluded by imploring upon fellow women to believe in themselves and focus on doing what they are passionate about.

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