National Assembly Speaker Moses Wetangula has reiterated time for politics is over and urged politicians to rally behind the government of the day. 

He said time for active politics will come when the country nears another election circle towards the 2027 polls and asked politicians to support the Kenya Kwanza administration after the 2022 elections.

“Let the opposition point out what they feel President William Ruto is not doing well for the electorate as his campaign pledges,” he said.    

Wetangula said the Head of State is a good listener to his critics and he consults.

He was speaking after commissioning the Changamwe swimming pool project in Changamwe constituency, Mombasa County. The project is being constructed under the local CDF at the tune of Sh 26.7 million.    

The National Assembly Speaker reminded the gathering at Changamwe primary school playing ground that what the elected opposition leaders were doing in blowing out of proportion where they believe the government has failed is not right. 

Wetangula told them point out what they believe the government is not doing well. 

He urged them to speak and point out what the government is not doing for the electorate.

“Let the opposition take its activities to the floor of parliament to criticize the government,” he said.

The Speaker applauded critics opposing a government plan to privatize a section of services at the port of Mombasa and the move by Kenya Pipeline Company (KPC) to take over the defunct state-owned Kenya Petroleum Refineries Limited (KPRL).

Wetangula told the forum that’s the best way to run the country’s affairs after the five-year election circle.

He urged Kenyans to engage in a roundtable dialogue whenever disagreements emerge.

“The country will grow when dialogue is embraced,” he said. 

The Speaker refuted claims that the Head of State is against the National Government-Constituencies Development Fund [NG-CDF]  kitty. 

Wetangula assured Kenyans that the Head of State is 100 per cent solidly behind the kitty projects.

He urged the lawmakers to continue expanding projects under the CDF.

“Let lawmakers come up both with laws and acts to expand the responsibilities of the kitty,” he challenged.  

The Speaker defended the presence of CDF kitty projects being felt in rural areas compared to work of devolution.

Wetangula sated the CDF projects have taken over the work being carried out under devolution,

He asked the lawmakers to make efforts to strengthen the fund and assured them he will rally behind them.      

“Changamwe legislator Omar Mwinyi is worth emulating as your  role model during this parliament session,” he urged.

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