Nairobi County Engineers Caught up in Ksh 5Million tender row


Pokomo road business community Representative Samar Al kindy

By Samson Wire. 

Nairobi county Engineers are on the spotlight after Business People located at Pokomo road demanded 5million in a Cabros tender row.

Speaking during a Committee meeting session at City hall under the chairmanship of Kiamaiko MCA James Mwangi, a representative of Pokomo road business community Samar Al kindy,laid out her grievances and informed the committee that after having endured deteriorating conditions from the dumpsite near the bridge., As residents they decided to contain the situation by building new Cabros along the lane.

She said that residents are now blaming Nairobi county for issuing a fresh tender for works at the bridge after the county disowned the work done terming it shoddy.

This was revealed during a county committee meeting when Samar Al Kindy, a representative of the Pokomo road business community appeared before the Nairobi County Assembly Transport and Public Works Committee, and laid out their grievances.

Their tiff with the NMS team stems from their move to install cabro paving on their access road in 2019, which Major General Badi-led team have since ordered removed.

According to their representative, the group had been given the go ahead by City Hall to repair the access road that was in a dilapidated state.

“If they must remove our cabro and do that bridge, they must compensate us. Since it’s a public road we didn’t expect compensation,

“If the county knew they were going to do a bridge and extend it to the road, then they shouldn’t have let us spend all that money,” Kindy argued.

NMS Transport Chief Officer Engineer Frederick Karanja, in a letter dated July 10, ordered the residents to remove the cabro in 7 days or risk losing them during the erection of a bridge in the area.

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