Tackling Drought, One Photo At A Time


Droughts are becoming increasingly common and severe due to climate change, affecting millions of people across continents. Water scarcity, crop failure, and economic turmoil have become realities for many living in these situations.

Up to 90% of water boreholes in parts of Somalia, Northern Kenya, and Southern Ethiopia have entirely dried up.

One in five people in East Africa; a total of 33.5 million people across Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia don’t have enough safe drinking water according to Oxfam’s recently released statistics through a press release published on 22nd March 2023.

As the region continues to grapple with the complex interplay of climate change, environmental degradation, and water scarcity, initiatives like the Safal Eye in the Wild Photography Competition continue to Increase their efforts in creating avenues for conversations around conservation through their theme-based photography competition.

Through the power of visual storytelling, the Safal Eye in the Wild Photography Competition compels us to confront the harsh realities of drought while igniting our capacity for empathy, innovation, and change.

By highlighting the beauty, challenges, and potential solutions surrounding the drought crisis, these photographs will become a testament to the indomitable spirit of humanity and our ability to overcome adversity.

The photography competition leverages connectedness to amplify its impact in an age where images are shared instantaneously across social media and digital platforms.

The submissions enable participants and audiences to engage in meaningful conversations, share insights, and collectively envision a future where drought is no longer a threat.

With every click of the shutter, we move one-step closer to a future where drought is no longer a source of despair but a chapter in the story of resilience, ingenuity, and hope.

The competition aims to harness the power of imagery to communicate the depth of the drought crisis. Participants are challenged to document the effects of drought but also to explore and present sustainable solutions that can mitigate its impact.

At a time when the effects of drought continue to be experienced in the region, it is important to have this pertinent discussion to converse about ideas and innovations that will solve this serious challenge.

Participants are urged to submit positive photos that depict water security, farming, and lifestyle photos that present solutions to this daunting scourge.

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